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Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Meena holds a BA in Fine Arts and a Diploma in Digital Character Animation from the Vancouver Film School. Meena started his career in feature films as a Junior Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks before quickly growing into the Lead Animator role, lending his expertise on blockbusters including Spider-Man Homecoming and Hotel Transylvania 2 & 3. Meena pursued his career in VFX at other Major VFX Studios like MPC and  Method Studios, working on Thor: Ragnarok , Night at the Museum 3 and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald before relocating to Montreal to join Framestore in 2018 where he worked on Blockbuster hits like Captain Marvel and George Clooney's Oscar Nominated for best vfx : The Midnight Sky . Meena is 2 times Annie Awards Nominated for Best Character Animation on his work on James Gunn's : The Suicide Squad Supervising and developing the full cg characters like King Shark , Weasel and Rat Sebastien , and won the Annies for his work on HBO's His Dark Materials season 1 .Most recently he Supervised the animation team on the highly praised and Oscar Nominated Sony / Marvel’s : Spiderman No Way Home .
His long experience in developing and creating interesting and appealing characters which he brought to life on the big screen ranging from cartoony stylized characters , super heroes and fantasy creatures ,as well as his passion for storytelling and film making .

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